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11 Outdoor Lighting Ideas to Showcase Your Home

Backyard lighting ideas by Illuminations Lighting Concepts

Stunning ways to light up your landscape

You have an outstanding lawn and hardscape waiting to be noticed. Highlight your home’s best features with custom backyard lighting for your outdoor space. From pool lighting ideas to patio lighting ideas, check out this list of amazing outdoor lighting design concepts for your New Jersey home.

Install Pool Lights

Lighting up your pool is one of the best backyard lighting ideas you could have. It’s a terrific way to show off the beautiful custom design of your swimming pool. It’s also a great idea for night swimming and safety.

Adding a lighting system to your backyard pool adds value to your home. Even if the lighting isn’t directly inside, having lighting placed in your pool area is an amazing idea to show off your landscape. Consider installing pool lights in and around your pool for your outdoor lighting design.

Highlight with Up Lighting

Highlight your favorite features with up lighting! Adding up lighting near your favorite shrubbery and architectural features will make your home stand out more than ever once the sun sets. They add the perfect amount of light to guide your guest through your outdoor space while highlighting your favorite hardscape designs.

Up lighting brings a more interesting feel than your basic outdoor string lighting. The unique setting will bring a touch of dramatic flair to your outdoor space that festoon lights can’t. You can find out more about the benefits of up lighting by calling the experts at Illuminations Lighting Concepts.

Add Path Lights

Another sophisticated design that will highlight your hardscape design is path lights. Whether you install them around your pool, under the shrubbery, along your stairs, path lights add a gorgeous tint to your outdoor lighting design.

They also help you and your guests navigate after the sun sets, meaning you can all enjoy those summer nights a little bit longer.

Create Driveway Lighting

While you’re adding lights to your pathways, don’t forget to upgrade your driveway. Adding lighting to your driveway doesn’t just add to the aesthetic, it keeps you safe. Imagine driving up to your newly lit driveway knowing that your home is safe and sound.

Parking will be easier than ever at night, and you won’t risk hurting your car or your garage door. Driveway lighting will also help you feel safer as it will deter dangerous creatures and people. You’ll be able to rest easier knowing you’ve added an extra bit of natural security to your home.

Design Wall Lights

Wall lights accentuate distinct designs. They bring out unique features in your landscape, from trees to porches. Try adding wall lights against your waterfall or natural stone walls to highlight your custom designs.

This is also an exciting feature to play with on a design level. You can choose from a variety of geometric, modern, and hanging wall lights. You can also play with a variety of colors ranging from bright whites to low reds. You’ll find that playing with colors will change the mood of your outdoor space drastically.

The possibilities with the installation of wall lights are endless. Whatever you think of you can easily achieve it by designing wall lights.

Think About Patio Lights

There are so many different concepts you can play with when it comes to patio lights. Whether you place patio lighting into the walkway or underneath the rails, your guests will be amazed. Adding lighting to your patio gives a dreamy space for you and your guests to enjoy the night sky together.

Light up your deck

Another popular choice is adding deck lights to your home. You can add deck lights underneath your stairs or in the fixtures sitting above like outdoor grills and fireplaces. When you add light fixtures to your deck you can create a beautiful outdoor dining space for you and your family.

Find the perfect focal point on your deck and create a lovely outdoor room or dining area for you and the family. This is a great idea for game night or large family gatherings in your outdoor seating area.

Get Creative with Garden Lights

You can have a lot of fun playing with garden lights. Something as simple as adding globe lights directly into your garden will have you and your guests chasing fairies around the backyard. You can also wrap string lights around your trees or install lights into your retaining walls.

Let your imagination fly with garden light ideas, as you play with soft and colorful lighting around your landscape’s natural features.

Attach Gazebo Light

Nothing is more enchanting than a gazebo lit up in the middle of the night. Gazebos lights add romance to any setting. You can highlight your daughter’s cello performance or have a romantic dance with your partner.

Having gazebos lights is pleasing on the eye and charming for your guests. It’s an amazing way to entertain family and friends during the evening. Find custom design lighting in New Jersey for your Gazebo to romanticize your outdoor space.

Decorate Architectural Features

Light up all your architectural features in your front yard’s landscape. Adding light fixtures to these features will captivate any visitors and neighbors. Depending on how you choose to light your statues you can add a mysterious touch to your home or a beautiful, inviting warmth.

Create Seasonal Lighting

This is the best lighting advice you’ll hear this year. As everyone knows the sun sets a little earlier come fall, and you don’t want your beautiful plants to be missed during this time. Highlight your fall plants and shrubbery with seasonal lighting. You can easily achieve this by setting timers on your lights, or manually turning your lights on a little earlier in the evening.

You can rearrange or reset your lighting timers come spring to highlight your gorgeous gardening before the days get longer. Install some lights near your foliage or simply invest in a few fairy lights that you can move around throughout the year.

Find more custom outdoor lighting designs from the experts at Illuminations Lighting Concepts. You’ll find an abundance of information and services on outdoor lighting like maintenance and installation. Schedule your free consultation today.