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Illuminations Lighting Concepts is an industry leader in the design of low voltage lighting systems. We pride ourselves in delivering design through professional, courteous and prompt service.

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Outdoor Lighting System Designs for Landscapes, Patios, Pathways, Driveways, & More

Our Team of Experienced Outdoor Lighting Designers Will Custom Design the Perfect Low-Voltage Light System for Your New Jersey Home.

You’ve worked hard to get your lawn to look the way it does, so highlight its beauty into the evening hours with landscape lighting with help from our expert designers. We specialize in specifying low-voltage lighting fixtures to enhance both safety and aesthetics for all types of outdoor spaces. Our outdoor lighting designers actively make your design vision a reality by creating beautiful nighttime curb appeal that suits your needs.

Custom Outdoor Lighting New Jersey


Landscape Lighting Design New Jersey

Illuminations Lighting Concepts can design using many types of designer name brand lighting options. Depending on your design aesthetic, we can help you create a dramatic look or soften the mood in your landscape. Our experts can highlight certain trees, stairs, pathways, retaining walls, and other decorative yard features with strategically placed low lights and other fixtures. Ask us to help illuminate the following:

  • Backyards
  • Gardens
  • Patios
  • Parks
  • Courtyards

Top 5 Benefits of Outdoor Lighting

1. Enhanced Safety and Security

Illuminating dark areas of your outdoors can greatly improve safety and security. Exterior lighting helps to deter potential unwanted visitors to reduce the risk of break-ins and theft. It also exposes obstacles that may impede your path as you move around your property.

2. Extended Outdoor Living Areas

Often parts of properties become inaccessible or even dangerous when night comes. Outdoor lights can bring new usefulness to patios, decks, lawns, and gardens long after the sun sets. This can be especially useful for providing a unique atmosphere hosting parties, barbecues, and events for family and friends.

3. Visual Aesthetics

Highlighting landscaping, accenting architectural features and pathways can bring new curb appeal and character to your home. Increased visibility during the evening provides a welcoming experience while spotlighting the beauty of your property.

4. Navigation and Wayfinding

Moving around at night can be challenging when your landscape contains trees, plants, sheds, and more. Lighting walkways, sidewalks, and driveways will help your family move about with ease and security even in the darkest night.

5. Eco-friendly LED Technology

Our outdoor lighting systems are designed with energy efficient LED bulbs that use a fraction of the energy used by standard bulbs. These low-voltage options help ensure your landscape lighting system is eco-friendly with minimum impact on your energy bill.

The Design Process

Step 1: Design Consultation

The first step with Illuminations Lighting Concepts begins with a design consultation. Our experts will either visit your property or review a set of plans to understand your outdoor space and your lighting needs. During this initial consultation, we’ll discuss your preferences, priorities, and any specific features you want to highlight.

Step 2: Proof of Quality and Design Innovation

Once we have a clear understanding of your requirements, we provide proof of our quality and design innovation. To showcase our expertise, we’ll share examples of other properties in your area we have designed. Alternatively, for a more immersive experience, we may offer an evening demonstration at your home. This allows you to preview the proposed design and experience the ambiance before making a final decision.

What Sets Illumination Lighting Concepts Apart

  • Fully staffed to stay on top of cutting-edge lighting system concepts and ideas.
  • Dedicated to provide exceptional attention to detail and complete customer satisfaction


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Holiday Lighting Services

Don’t forget to utilize our team during the holiday season to set up your Christmas lights, so you can focus on family and friends. No matter what your nighttime illumination needs are, we can help highlight your landscape and provide the safety you need.