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Outdoor LightingAs beautiful as a well put together commercial or residential landscape can be in the mid-day sun, it can truly be illuminated after the sun goes down. It may seem counterintuitive at first, but the truth is that nightfall mixed with some creative  Outdoor Lighting  can bring out the features of any garden or landscape in unique and exciting ways. At Illuminations Lighting Concepts our Custom Outdoor Lighting is just the tool with which to create a spectacular nighttime outdoor mood of beauty and elegance. Discover the Low Voltage Lighting prescription that will give your landscape a whole different look and feel.

Custom Outdoor LightingIlluminations Lighting Concepts has established a reputation as an industry leader in the design and installation of  Landscape Lighting  systems, and with good reason. Exterior Lighting is a concept gaining in popularity due to its ability to bring out the features you’ve worked so hard to incorporate into your residential or commercial landscape. If you’re unfamiliar with the advantages of low voltage outdoor lighting allow us to introduce you to its many practical and aesthetic qualities.

To begin with our landscape lighting is low voltage, which means less pull on your electric meter and lower electric bills as a result. Our expert contractors will work with you to find the perfect low voltage lights for your design. And the use of designer brands such as Kichler and Malibu ensures dependability and long life for our products and a rich dramatic look for patios, gardens, walking paths, courtyards and more.

The most wonderful aspect of outdoor lighting is its ability to create virtually any mood you seek. Dramatic looks that highlight specific areas, plants, trees, or decorative yard features are easily achievable; as is the ability to soften the mood and set a more romantic or relaxing tone with strategically placed and adjustable lighting. The look and feel of your yard under the stars is up to you, and we’ll work with you to get it just right.

Empower your residential or commercial landscape to be all it can be, and let it shine to maximum potential long after the sun has gone down. Employing low voltage lighting is a great way to accentuate the yard or garden you’ve worked so hard on, and to create a nighttime ambience that would otherwise not be possible. Let Illuminations Lighting Concepts introduce you to what nighttime can truly look like when the mood, and the light, is right.

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