The Enjoyment of Illumination

"Lighting that invites you outdoors"

Landscape Lighting Design Process

Affordable custom landscape lighting designs in New Jersey

Illuminations Lighting Concepts takes pride in delivering the highest quality and most aesthetically pleasing design to your property.

Advantages of a Good Lighting Design
A skillful combination of up lighting, spot lighting, and path lighting will bring your property to life after the sun sets.  Outdoor lighting allows you to work and play in the outdoors into the evening hours.  And, it provides a degree of security by illuminating dark areas on your property.

Our Experienced Designers
Every one of our designers receives both classroom and on-site training from the manufacturer.  This allows us to keep current on the latest lighting design developments and products, which allows us to bring you the best design available.

Our Thorough Design Process
We will create a custom design to meet your individual lighting needs.  And we have a rigorous process for ensuring that our design fits your needs. 
First, Illuminations Lighting Concepts will visit your property or review a set of plans to give you a free design estimate.
Then we will give you proof of our quality and design innovation by showing you other properties for which we have designed in your area.  Or in some cases we will give you an evening demonstration at your home so you can preview a design before it is installed.
Finally, we review all design to ensure that we delivered what we promised.