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Why not relax and enjoy the holidays instead of struggling to design and hang your Christmas decorations and holiday lighting at your home or business? Contact our team of holiday lighting professionals at Illuminations Lighting Concepts in New Jersey and let us handle your Christmas light display. We’ll create a customized outdoor Christmas light design that highlights the features of your home and brings your vision for the perfect lighting display to life!

Illuminations Lighting Concepts specializes in safe, beautiful and commercial LED Christmas lights. Our team creates the best Christmas light displays in New Jersey that are installed and tested by professionals before they leave your property. Don’t spend hours struggling to hang outdoor Christmas lights yourself while perched on dangerous ladders when we are available to design and install a stunning holiday display at any residential or commercial location. 

Our LED holiday lights provide the following benefits over incandescent Christmas lights:

Advances in the development of LED holiday lights have led to the creation of warm-light LEDs that mimic incandescent light bulbs. Whether you want the brilliant, bright light of a traditional LED bulb or you desire a softer illumination source for your home’s holiday display, we offer a variety of colors and styles to fit your preferences. There are many design elements that play a part in creating the perfect holiday lighting display:

Enjoy your holidays more without having to worry about buying Christmas lights, putting Christmas lights up, taking them down, or storing them! With the help of Illuminations Lighting Concepts, you can create a breathtakingly beautiful holiday display that perfectly accentuates your home. Contact our design team for a free consultation for your residential Christmas light installation project today!