Benefits of Low Voltage Landscape Lighting

  1. Significantly reduced electricity requirements
  2. Much better color quality from the light bulbs
  3. A tremendously smaller fixture that blends into the landscaping
  4. Fixtures that lend themselves to both uplighting and downlighting which is much more flexibility than only downlighting
  5. The ability to use more fixtures to put light where you want and create much more drama and beauty
  6. No mercury is in MR16’s light bulbs which represent a core item used in low voltage landscape lighting installations (lots of Mercury is in Mercury Vapor light bulbs)
    1. Mercury is bad for the environment and will get back into the ground from disposed lamps
  7. MR16 light bulbs allow much better control over the manner of lighting each aspect of the landscaping and thus provides many more lighting options
  8. There are well over 200 fixtures to choose from using low voltage giving a virtually unlimited number of options for various lighting techniques and specialty requirements
  9. Much easier and cost effective to adjust the lighting for landscape changes over time
  10. Low voltage makes risk on injury minimal
  11. Much easier and cost effective to expand later