Exterior Lighting

Landscape Lighting Design is a Collaborative Process

Low-maintenance landscape lighting solutions for home and business landscaping


Exterior LightingWhen the sun goes down and night falls, the details you’ve worked so hard to include in your residential or commercial landscape should truly come into focus. That is if they have the benefit of Exterior Lighting to illuminate them. Landscape Lighting provides a unique and aesthetically pleasing dynamic to any yard, garden, patio, walking path, or common area, and at Illuminations Lighting Concepts we offer more Low Voltage Lighting options than any other retailer in the industry. And the best part of Custom Outdoor Lighting is the word “custom”, meaning your input is key and your vision the end goal of our design and installation process.

Landscape LightingYou know your yard better than anyone else, and the same can be said regarding our knowledge of Outdoor Lighting. That said it makes sense that the design element is a collaborative process between us and our customers. We’ll visit your property first hand and get the lay of the land in order to provide you with an accurate estimate before starting. We also offer our customers the luxury of seeing other properties that we’ve done in order to see our work firsthand. If this isn’t convenient, we can actually provide an evening demonstration at your home. In other words, before we start you’ll have a first-hand working knowledge of how our lighting can accentuate and illuminate your property.

Once design elements are agreed upon our quick and easy installation process can begin. All of our installation professionals are certified with the National Institute of Landscape Lighting Professionals, and are the beneficiaries of extensive classroom and on-site training as well as real world experience. And when we do install we do so using only lighting fixtures from the most respected names in the industry; names such as Unique, Hadco, Kichler, and Focus. The professionalism and attention to detail we bring to both the design and installation processes is reinforced by our maintenance programs, which include the most comprehensive warranty and service programs in the industry today.

If you’ve gone to the trouble of achieving your vision for your residential or commercial landscape, we invite you to incorporate the element that will allow you to enjoy it day or night. Create an atmosphere in your yard that highlights and adds to its uniqueness, and create many moods that are certain to open the night up to work and play. Let Illuminations Lighting Concepts work with you to create just such a scenario.