Outdoor Lighting: Security

Do the outdoor areas of your home get just a little too dark for your liking at night? If so, the addition of outdoor lighting that illuminates the darker areas of your property is certain to make you feel more secure. If security is your primary motivation for adding outdoor lighting, our team will meet with you on-site at your property after dark to get a feel for the areas on your property that most need illumination.

There is no right or wrong reason to install outdoor lighting at your residence. In fact the great thing about residential outdoor lighting is that it brings with it so many wonderful benefits. Illuminations Lighting Concepts can create a great looking nighttime landscape for you that is set up for use after dark and makes your home safer and more secure. What more could you ask for?

Outdoor Lighting: Inspiring and Illuminating

If you’re considering adding outdoor lighting to your residence, you deserve a design and installation process that pays attention to both your vision and budget. Illuminations Lighting Concepts can help you employ a dramatic and beautiful design that suits your outdoor space perfectly. As the process unfolds, we will work with you closely so that you have a feel for the work we’ve done previously and what we can do for you in the present.

We want the design and installation process to be exciting, informative and inspiring for you. Here is a look at what you can expect from our rigorous design process when you decide to secure your outdoor lighting through Illuminations Lighting Concepts.

Free Design Estimate – our team of experienced designers will come to your home for an on-site consultation. During this visit they will get a better feel for your lighting vision and your available outdoor space. We will then provide you with a free design estimate so that you will have a better idea of what to expect as it pertains to costs. This will help you to better determine the budget for your project.

Showing our Work – we believe that it is important for prospective clients to see the quality of work we do in person. We will be happy to show you other properties in the area for which we have designed and installed outdoor lighting. This allows for a unique opportunity to see what a difference outdoor lighting makes, and may also inspire some ideas as to your own design elements.

Evening Demonstrations – in some cases, we will provide an evening demonstration at your home that will allow you to preview what your design will look like before it is installed.

Post-Installation Review – once your lighting is installed we will review all of the design elements to make certain that your custom design was installed properly.

We are committed to keeping you involved in the design process, and to making certain that your design exceeds your expectations and fits your budget. We are always here to answer your questions and share in the creative design process as we work to bring your outdoor space alive when the sun goes down.