Exterior Lighting

Landscape Lighting Design is a Collaborative Process

Low-maintenance landscape lighting solutions for home and business landscaping


Exterior LightingWhen the sun goes down and night falls, the details you’ve worked so hard to include in your residential or commercial landscape should truly come into focus. That is if they have the benefit of Exterior Lighting to illuminate them. Landscape Lighting provides a unique and aesthetically pleasing dynamic to any yard, garden, patio, walking path, or common area, and at Illuminations Lighting Concepts we offer more Low Voltage Lighting options than any other retailer in the industry. And the best part of Custom Outdoor Lighting is the word “custom”, meaning your input is key and your vision the end goal of our design and installation process.
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Benefits of Low Voltage Lights

Low voltage lights are energy efficient lights powered by 30-volts of electricity or less. This innovative lighting system offers a lot of benefit and is widely used not only in homes but also in commercial and industrial buildings for its unique and brilliant luminance and cost-saving benefits. Aside from being energy efficient, low voltage lights also last longer than conventional light bulbs such as incandescent. When it comes to energy conservation, low voltage lights excel among other lighting options for the following reasons:
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